General Data Protection Regulation

MEV commitment to data privacy

As MEV Journal runs electronic publishing based on an online platform which collects and holds user information and personal data, MEV Journal has recognized the importance of privacy and data protection. MEV Journal is committed to delivering an effective and personalized research and learning experience grounded in responsible data privacy and security practices. We endeavor to follow these guiding principles:

  1. Value: Collect and use personal information to facilitate efficiency and productivity in research, healthcare, and education.
  2. Transparency: Inform users about the personal information we collect and how and why we use and share it.
  3. Anonymization: Anonymize and aggregate personal information where individual identification is not necessary.
  4. Accountability: Act as a responsible steward of personal information.


EU privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will take effect on 25 May 2018. MEV Journal expresses a full commitment for GDPR and takes full responsibility to protect the privacy of its editors, authors, reviewers, volunteers, and other contacts worldwide. As part of our GDPR program, MEV Journal has been carefully evaluating and enhancing its privacy policy, business processes, and how its collects, uses, shares, and retains the personal data of all users to ensure that we treat personal data in line with GDPR and with what the community expects of us.

Any questions about MEV's GDPR program can be addressed at or



Updated: May 25, 2018